Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attempted Return

I've been absent from blogging for AWHILE! I am making another attempt (though I hope not futile) to return to blogging. I made a promise to myself that when I finished summer school I would update the layout of the blog becuase even I now notice that it's an eyesore to read. I also wanted to add more photos. And stop rambling so much. The first two I will do and promise to. Brian left when I got out of summer school, and he took my laptop. I have been forced to stay in his mancave to use the computer and much as I love the outdoors, I couldn't bring myself to sit in the mancave unless I needed to balance the checking account. So, no new layout yet.

And, my camera, alas, is dying. I am sad about this, because I paid a lot of money for it and have only had it for 2 years. But I am also happy. Being the scenery picture taker that I am, I always try and focus on things that my little camera won't focus on, and it doesn't work out so well. I want a Cannon EOS but I just have to hope and pray that Santa Claus (aka Brian) reads this and decides to buy me one. Frankly, the camera has never taken really great shots anyway, probably the user. Oh, by the way, don't tell Brian, the camera really isn't dying, the rechargeable batteries are, but it sounds good enough to get me a new camera so I'll try it. Therefore, no pictures yet.

Don't give up on me, Kristie (I think you are my only reader...unless Melissa still tunes in). I will make a comeback. Brian is due home tomorrow, and I am thrilled to see him, but even more thrilled to see my laptop...