Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick Updates

Been a long while again, so let me run down the past events to lead up to the new changes on the blog you will see this weekend:

1. Completed 2 semesters of grad school, 6 classes down, 16 to go.
2. I WON!!! Patio was completed July 3, and we had a firework celebration July 4 on it. I even almost blew us up!
3. Yard sale was a success...beginning to ponder having another.
4. Completed the herb and veggie garden and am enjoying fresh okra, peppers and a host of herbs.
5. Resodded front yard...which I did not want to do, but oh well.
6. Ripped out all of the bushes on the property and backfilled with flowering perennials...very nice, well, they don't all flower, some of them look very Floridian, which fits since we're in Florida.
7. Ok, that's all for now...look for changes soon.


Dr. Wifey said...

i want to see some pictures! congrats on the schoolin' :)

Brando said...

I promise to change this this weekend and add some pics. It's on my to-do list and lately I'm pretty good at that.