Sunday, October 11, 2009

The past month

Well, it’s been awhile, feels like all summer. What’s new? Let’s see, 20 bamboo plants, common species name Graceful, of the Bambusa genera, 2 cattelyas, a beautiful oncidium, a colorful and fun purple vanda, a rescued phaleanopsis and 4 dendrobiums. Wow, now that I’ve written that, I feel like I’ve collected a few orchids this summer—9, is that bad? From my already existing collection, I was able to get 4 phalaenopsis to rebloom, along with my Miltonia (and I split it with a friend). Oh, and I also acquired 8 ground orchids which are absolutely beautiful, and they have grown far more than I ever expected. Speaking of growing, when I bought the bamboo, August 9th to be exact, the kind lady told me that my 8-10’ tall plants (boy was that a sight to see—me hauling home 20 8’ tall bamboo plants in my 4runner—it was interesting to say the least), she told me by the end of October, I could expect them to be 12’ tall. I thought, yeah, right. Ok, they are now all at least 12’ tall, and some are rapidly approaching 16’! I literally have seen them grow over a period of 4 hours. Absolutely magnificent!

I have now completed 16 hours of my 48 hour MBA requirements.

Chance and I enjoy the beach every chance (no pun intended) we get—which is not often enough. Perhaps when I get that great new job, we can move to the beach and that will become a mandatory daily trip! That’s not a dream, mind you, it’s a goal. Brian and I bought a boat; he’s the only one enjoying it, and for now, that’s ok. I’m busy with my career goals and Chance, and he’s busy with his career goals—his being becoming a fishing guide; mine being becoming a greenie.

Life is good; work sucks, but then again, I’m not doing what I love. We have done absolutely no travelling, but we are spending Thanksgiving with Mickey Mouse. And in February, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with Plastic in Grenada. So, while I’m bogged down and have no time to play, I am enjoying life and taking Phila’s advice: judge no one and taking all I can from everyone. I’m blessed with taking all I can take in from so many wonderful people. Thanks Phila.

Oh, one last thing, I celebrated my one-year anniversary with Metrohm last week , and no one noticed. New things are on the horizon for me, though. And that’s always been the case. The future holds so much excitement and mystery.

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Dr. Wifey said...

post some pics of your mini-arboretum!