Sunday, June 27, 2010

The New Landscape

So, I won't digress with all the before and after photos yet...however, I must tell you I've accumulated quite a selection of plants for the 3 new beds going in with construction beginning next Saturday. I'll upload before photos this week--I promise!! However, this is a list of the plants planned so far for the 3 beds and some snapshots...let me tell you--for the ones sitting in the flower beds--I wished my flower bed they are sitting in really looked like this. Hopefully, it will within a couple of years.

So, first, I've found a nursery: Colorfield Farms in Wimauma, FL, a nice short drive from Kerry's house. And this is what I found there. I must say that Kerry has talked me into going back and getting a mango tree.

Sun coleus assorted 10
Small zinnias assorted 5
Cannas 1 red, 1 yellow
Mint pink blooming kind 2
Thryalis 2
Cupheas—2 each of 3 different kinds
Gaura—4 white and 4 short red tipped pink
Verbena—2 red, 1 dark purple
Firebush 3
Porterweed 2
Mexican sage 2 red
Coneflowers 3
Black eyed susan 3
Pentas 3 white, 3 red
Lantana 2 white
Butterfly milkweed—4 yellow, 5 multi
Lavendar English like my old one at Mom’s
Big tall begonia
Falmingo plume flower
Epidendrum orchid
2 tall purple flowers (don’t know the name)

As if that's not enough...we found out Friday that the leaky p-trap we thought we had in the guest bathroom was really a we had to replace the faucets. Ok, that's a post for another day, but you can probably imagine that my trip to Home Depot was like telling a gambling addict to go in a casino and buy a meal but not gamble. Yeah, right! So, here's the damage done there:

6 thyme
2 cillantro
Purple coneflower 3
Firebush 4
Variegated flax lily 4
purple fountain grass 2
white fountain grass 2
st bernard’s lily 4
4 orange bulbine
Pink gaura 6
3 lavendar lantana, 1 white lantana
3 false spirea

Well, I hope you're as anxious and excited as I am. They rip out the sod next Saturday, and I am just itching to start plopping these plants in the ground. Might I also add that we've had butterflies, but since I've brought these flowers home, they've really flocked in and some I've never seen before. This is going to be awesome!


Dr. Wifey said...

whoever buys your house when you move is lucky! it is going to be amazing and i can't wait to see the after pics

Brando said...

I know; I'm sure BB wonders why I do all of this cause we will leave it all behind one day...but I'm here and I love it...I have to get photos of me in the little hiding hole in the yard I have. There's a bench that I have on the side that you can plainly see from the patio, but when you're sitting on the are in a little warp, with plants all around you, and you feel hidden. I'm giddy with excitement to see this grandscale transformation take shape.