Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lost Camera

Alas, I visited the beautiful Eastern Shore in Virginia this past weekend. As much as I love plants, this place was still beautiful without plants everywhere. It is an area that seems to be cut off from time. I was sad to return home to find that I'd left my favorite gauchos and my camera! It is being shipped to me, so I'll have to contain my eagerness to post until next week.

And while I was gone, I returned to find a glorious cattelya blooming. It's a deep red, large bloomed orchid. What a delight. I hope it lasts until I get my camera. Of course, some of you may have heard me say I want to get a real camera, which I kept telling myself I really needed all weekend. Could this ordeal of being without one be the selling point that forces me out to get one?


Meems said...

So sorry to hear you left your camera. I started blogging with the oldest digital camera imaginable. When I look back at some of those photos I realize that little camera worked hard. I let my grandkids use it now and it still takes decent shots.

Yay for the orchid... always fun to come to new blooms.

Did you get to see hubby while you were up there?

NanaK said...

Leaving your camera behind and finding that orchid bloom sounds like the perfect mix for frustration. I think it is definitely a sign that you should buy the camera you want. :)

Brando said...

Meems-my camera is a hard worker, and I'll be happy to have it in my hands again. Perhaps you will see from the pending posts (awaiting the photos from VA) that I'm learning how to take better photos, which has suddenly made my camera better quality. Ha! Amazing what happens when you learn how to "use" something. I did get to see hubby. That was the best part.

NanaK-I agree. While I was in West Virginia this week, all I could think was how badly I needed my camera. It's a beautiful state as well, and they have landscaped downtown Charleston, WV with bright flowing flowers everywhere! I was delighted. The camera will come, but marketing departments for companies make decision-making so difficult. I need a camera pro to guide me.

ChrisC said...

Go buy the new camera.You'll be happier.Even tho,photographers(the REAL ones)say it's the photographer,not the camera.
And yea! for the orchids!

Dr. Wifey said...

yep, time to get that "real" camera :) you will be so glad you did!

Ami said...

Brando: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Glad to know another Florida garden blogger!

My husband was the one who loves taking the photograph, so he has a nice one. Since I started the blogging, I always used his, and it did give me the better photos. At least for a beginner like me, a better camera does make a difference :)

Looking forward to seeing your orchid picture once you get your camera.