Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Obligations

Chance and I made our weekly pilgrimage to the beach today. I still cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to be in south Florida. It was 81!! The beach was packed with doggies and their owners (some of which I wish had stayed home and let their doggies come). We both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Now, Chance is curled up on the bed asleep, with some ferocious gas...

So, I am sitting here logging onto HGTV to win my dream home, though what I really want to win is Green Home 2009! It's in Port St Lucie too--retirement home!!! I logged into blackboard to check on my classes and print syllabi, and wow, I have like two days worth of homework. So, I was contemplating going to the beach again tomorrow and I still might, but I definitely have to do some homework.

Oh, did I mention how hard DH has worked around the house this week...we can now park both vehicles in our garage, and it's 1/3 organized...need more shelving and time and a couple of other things that are going to take time, but the big thing is that we can get both vehicles in the garage, close the door, and nothing is outside, except the way oversized garbage can. I'm so proud, I want to take a picture, but it's not finished, and that makes me want to wait and show off the final result.

I got two new projects at work on Friday. YAY! Can you feel the enthusiasm. I keep getting thrown into these projects that I have never had any experience with the equipment, and I embrace the challenge, but it's a little intimidating. Oh well, I'm excited about starting school again, and life will be so busy now.

Oh, forgot to mention that in DH's efforts to work around the house, he discovered that we have a major leak in the sprinklers under the AC unit, so we have to fix that, and the AC unit is not on a concrete slab...we wanted to build a patio and were only debating, we have decided that it is a must, along with concreting the AC unit base, whatever thingy. Oh, and the time has come to prep the herb garden/flower bed for spring planting.

So, obligations:

Win biggest loser contest (me, Brian, 2 neighbors--right now, I think I'm losing)
Titrotherm projects
3 Classes at USF, high gear, lasting only 8 weeks
Take Chance to the beach each weekend that the temp is over 75
Prep the new flower bed
Get patio estimates
Complete garage re-organization project

Time frame: End of february...that's 8 weeks. Busy, busy, busy...


Dr. Wifey said...

that is so amazing that you can go to the beach in the middle of winter! how fun! that's a lot of projects, but i am sure you will manage just fine. good luck with your first day of class :)
(p.s. sorry i missed your call...will talk to you later this week)

Dr. Wifey said...

the bloggy world misses the Ponderer!