Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ramblings--from Yesterday

I am floored each and every day at the weather here. This morning, expecting cooler temps for the week (since I missed the balmy 80s last week as we were traveling to MS), I put on a t-shirt and yoga pants and a light pullover—by light I mean, so old and worn that it needs to be retired. I got this pullover which is nothing more than a long sleeved material…no thickness to it…for my high school graduation 12.5 years ago, and I have worn it ever since then! I think it’s the most useful graduation gift anyone ever received.

Out the door Chance and I went at 5:15 to ride the bicycle our 2.5 miles. And wow! It was so warm!! We got to the lake—more like a large pond, but here, for some reason, they refer to it as a lake—and several mallards were roosting in the water’s edge. It was quiet and no one was out, and all I heard was a low chatter of quacks, and Chance’s tags jingling to tell me he was still following me. Absolutely soul inspiring.

Today is my birthday, and even though I am like a little kid on my birthday, somewhat a little more secretly now than years past, I usually am sick or something on my birthday. Today has been awesome…only bad part is I had to work. Aside from that, I couldn’t ask for more, well, I could, but I won’t go there. Many calls from friends. Many wishes on Facebook.

And yes, KCA, I am an old woman! But I actually feel great. I jumped back on the Weightwatchers wagon last night, and this morning DH prodded me for doing so on my birthday and New Year’s. But, I actually think it will force me to practice some restraint this week.

I suddenly am so motivated to do things. My first thing, I am a compulsive list maker, and I carry around a notebook with tons of useless lists and I wanted the Iphone (which I LOVE!!!) so that I’d stop carrying around useless notebooks…so today, I vowed to stop carrying a notebook so that whatever I felt like I had to write down I had to use my Iphone, which I do a lot, but this will force me to make the moistest of the hostess… I am now endeavoring on a huge task to inventory my life on that thing short of security related stuff!!

And then I had a revelation while in the ladies room today, no not doing the doody—if I like these apps so much and I hate being a chemist on days and I love all things green, and I want to do good, why not find a way to mesh life, chemistry, green, and mobile apps and market it…along with organization…I know someone just stole my idea, don’t worry , it’s hard to figure what’s going on in my brain…and if you do, then let me know.

Well, I must go and enjoy my birthday and while I’m at it, I think I’ll learn about some blogging techniques. And dream about starting school in 6 days and try to teach Chance obedience via telepathy and re-landscaping my backyard and download some new apps to help me be connected on the Iphone. The greatest thing since sliced bread!

Happy New Year’s! 2009—the Year of Productivity and Food for the Soul

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Dr. Wifey said...

that light pullover sounds like a security blanket, all soft and comforting. and that scene at the lake, i can just imagine it. glad your soul was fed. don't forget about me in that mesh of chemistry and green :)
Happy Birthday!!!