Monday, December 29, 2008

Days Gone By...and More On the Way

Somehow, it always happens. I anticipate Christmas, and it flies by. I don't do all the things I intended, and I usually come home from Christmas depressed about how much money I don't have, or that I miss my family, or that I gained weight, or that I didn't get this or that, or it's cold, or I intended to do this...I could go on and on. This year, I went home, the first time I'd been home since August, which is quite unusual for me. I had so much fun. I was sick most of the time, which is again unusual, I don't get colds, yes, I had h. pylorii for 2 months, but most people don't get that like they get a runny nose. I don't get runny noses. But the weather change was enough to give me a horrendous sinus headache for the entire time I was home. Nevertheless, my 5 year old niece made me laugh and laugh and laugh, and so did my father-in-law, and my step father-in-law and my aunt and uncle, and I can never go a day without laughing with my dad. And Brian was even at his funniest. I think it was one of the jolliest Christmases I have spent with my family in quite some time...oh, and Jeff was his usual jolly self that I know perhaps better than anyone.

We returned home, and no depression. In fact, aside from being tired, I rather enjoyed the day. Brian and I are getting along great, the dog is piled up on the bed legs sprawled out on his back, soaking up the cool air from the ceiling fan. The day was beautiful, 78 and sunny. Perfect Fl weather and Brian can now park his truck and my 4runner in the garage!!! Still have to work on being able to get the bike out without moving the vehicles out, but I think I see the solution to that, just waiting on our neighbor to get the shelves he claimed.

what I noticed most today was that Chance and I were in the last light of day at 6:13 pm on our evening adventure. Do you know what that means? It means that we are on the downhill to the dog days of summer. Tell me I'm wishing my life away, I know. I just love long days.

I love the idea of starting school next week too. Three days a week. What is even better, 8 weeks of it and then I start new classes. Time to get rolling.

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Dr. Wifey said...

aw, so happy your Christmas was so jolly! i am ready for the longer days. this winter has just reeked havoc on my mood short day = no working out. good luck with school. the thought of classes makes my stomach turn LOL