Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Great Home Expo Show Expectations

I'm sure most of my readers know that DH and I bought our first home in May. We were ecstatic. We plan to live here roughly 5 years, sell the house, then move on somewhere else. Me, I'd like to go home and build my dream home on the lake, but something tells me Uncle Sam is going to send me somewhere like remote N.C. or the ever expensive D.C. area. I would love to hang out in Savannah for awhile, but I've been entertaining that idea for the length of my marriage and DH hasn't bought into it yet.

Anyhoo, I've always had dreams...big ones. I'm a dreamer, yes, I'm also a realist...not optimistic, yet not pessimistic, just live in the real, but I LOVE to dream, as much as I love my VNFNWEH mocha from Starschmucks, or a Speedy Gonzales #1 with rice and beans and LOTS of salsa (thank you, Kay, I miss these Mexican Mondays), or my plants, or my poochies...Charlie tops the list in fond memory, and I learn from my mistakes with him in this new little ankle biter, or butt biter.

So, today, I am dreaming about retirement, kind of a hurdle for someone who is unemployed at the moment and doesn't have much of a prospect of a career right now. Have any of you ever pondered the new catch phrase "career path"?

However, the--well, I started to say more but I think more appropriate given the above conditions--less tangible desire is home improvement. I become emotionally attached to property. When I first looked at this house, I was floored. YES! This is it! Now, I'm like ok, I like it BUT.........

So, I want to do curbing around all of the flower beds, paint the house (yes, it needs it, I looked up close), re-do all the flower beds (which you all KNOW I will have my way with in the next 2 summers), paint and install cabinets in the garage--I hate that here, when everyone opens their garage doors, I see junk piled up. It kills me!!! Organization, cleanliness, come on, you are parking your overpriced rapidly depreciating stupid-purchase gas guzzling car in here. Scoff at this if you want, but I bet some part of that auto description fits everyone reading this. Unless you are driving my old blazer, Olivia, and then you got a deal, I fixed it for you. It is a gas guzzler, though, so screw that comment. Let's see, I want to gut the kitchen cabinets, build a window seat and cubby holes around our large bedroom windows, replace the bathroom vanities and countertops (with silestones or concrete!!:)--though DH thinks this is stupid--perhaps our outing today will change his mind)...I want to replace the flooring in the living room with bamboo and then, I think I will have covered the major stuff, oh, no, no, this florescent light in the kitchen that dates the house, has got to go. Don't get me wrong. We have a very nice house, I sometimes am like, what, how did I ever end up in a house this nice? But re-sale, re-sale, re-sale, it's all about what will be desirable in 5 years. I guess what will be desirable is for the market to settle down and re-equilibrate, I fear deeply and REALLY that those days are long gone.

So, we are off to the Home Expo Show...where all the newest trends and designs are highlighted. DH wants to wait until right before we move to do all of this, and I say, no why can't we do it and enjoy it while we live here? Opinions? The landscape, he has no say in, nor do I think he wants plans are in the making, and I am going to post them when I get them figured out. And then, before pics, and perhaps a new blog about transformation. As for today, while I am grounded from spending...I plan to at least purchase a rain gauge. Any gardener should have one or two. And I think now that I've thought it, I'll start it...stay tuned for a gardening blog. All about what I've learned by trial and error and I hope some of you learn from it. Since I used to see so many people at FTB stop and say how do you do this? Perhaps my journal will help you. Perhaps my readers will help me envision my gardening business I've always dreamt of. And yes, I will have it, when I settle in one place. Well, off to the shower for the Home Expo. Don't worry, I have the camera ready and a little notebook for notes, and a bag for goodies! Such a dork...


Dr. Wifey said...

i have been wanting to paint our house (interior) for the past 2 1/2 years, but i am too darned lazy!

a gardening blog?! love it...i need some tips

SissyFrog said...

who is DH and what happened to BB?