Sunday, August 31, 2008

Expectations Schmexpectations

I used to live in Knoxville; I think I've mentioned that. I miss it. People talk about East TN like they talk about MS. What they fail to mention is that if they like nature and good ole friendly people, they'd love either, and when they get to know those places, they'd always long to go back.

Knoxville is (or used to be) home to HGTV. They put on the best Home Expos! They really rocked. You could get good knowledge and information. The Expo we went to today in the bustling hurricane dodging city of Tampa was more like a sales event. I expected some of that, but I also expected some good tips and to get some of my questions answered. Cause let's admit, living in a subtropical climate is a little different on your home than living elsewhere in the country, much as I'm sure living in the midwest or extreme north would be. So, we have these great "flintstone" look pavers around our pool. They were new and dry when we bought the house, sand grout looked great. Now, after a summer of humidity and rain and more humidity, I realize yet again that the previous owners skimped on yet another detail...sealing the stones and the surface of the sanding "void" between them. Needless to say, the rocks (or spaces between the rocks) are black. Gross, mold, mildew, yicky, sightsore. Ok, anyway, so there are tons of these dealers that sell and install these pavers and I ask about sealing them, and they're like call this guy. No info. So, I ask a cabinet dealer about the real re-sale value of a kitchen that's had the cabinets refaced. The outside looks great. The inside looks original (not that that's not great, but hey, if you're refacing them, obviously this is because you don't like the ones you have), and she's like oh, yes, they sell. That's all we do. Ok, why am I asking a person in the business of selling cabinet refacing about the re-sale value of a home whose cabinets have been refaced. All she wants to do is sell me some cabinets, whether it helps my home value or is a waste of my money.

There were some interesting green companies there, which made me happy. One guy tried to tell us about a box you wire into your circuit breakers that uses alternating current to cut energy consumption of your motorized appliances in your home, AC, fridge, etc. Still need to research it, but I'll bite for more info. Afterall, my DH thinks I'm naive, and I'm curious. Check it out if you want to for yourself, I'm going to. If it'll save me money and the planet one small step at a time...

The company is southern energy:

Interesting thing I read for this warranty is that it is not covered by: riots, civil disturbances, war, or other related acts of God. I know lots of warranties usually say this, but it's usually in print so fine you can't read it, but this one was pretty evident, guess that's for us hurricaners.

There were other greenies, but this one was of the most use to fellow readers. I was a little letdown that there are so many GREEN COALITION and LEED people out there (I'm a member of LEED) and there was such a poor representation there. There is a place for me and my green ideas in this growing area, I just have to find I have to find my gardening expertise offering niche.

So, somehow the last conversation of the day, well not the last, but last significant, was about the 5K my neighborhood is hosting to benefit a Kids Community College (sort of like pre-pre-school) and St. Jude. I suggested it to DH who needs to lose 20 pounds by Nov...yes, makes me sick, he can drop it too, I can't. So, he told me he'd run it if I would non-stop. The 5K is Oct. 18. That's 7 weeks away. 5K is 3 miles. I can do that. I just have to put my mind to it, train, and stretch and not get injured. I found a training schedule for a 5K in 9 weeks, but I only have 7. The only thing that worries me is I sometimes have this catch thing on the outside side of the back bend of my right knee. As long as it doesn't flare up, I should be fine. I've been so down and out about not working and can I do something other than chemistry should I need to that compensates me as well as my last job did or makes me happy. This is a good therapy I think, plus it's good training for Chance, and perhaps, it'll help me lose some of my 20 pounds I want to lose. Discipline. I used to be a highly disciplined person. I still am, just not in areas that once were, so, Flylady (yes, I am a flybaby) says it takes 45 days to make a habit or 28 or something. So, here we go: train the dog, clean the humidity and mold off the house, design new flower beds, learn to study again, exercise, and find a be unemployed, things are certainly starting to get cooking again. Oh, one last question for my readers, I need to make Christmas presents this year, save money, it's really smarter, I'm so over all the giving and exchanging of gift cards, well, not really, just need to save money, so got any ideas? Good ideas for gifts for men are the most sought after...but anyone will do.

Oh, one last thing, I must advertise, the booth that was the busiest and DH and I decided sold the most (qty) goods for the day at least was Wild Rooster Sauces: From the Finest of Southern Scratch. They use no preservatives, and no MSG, and if you like sauces and rubs, they are gooooooood. We bought a lot, didn't get a rain gauge though. Please, visit, and don't be afraid to buy, if you like sauces that are extremely low cal and GOOD for you:

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Dr. Wifey said...

sorry the Home Expo was a let down. the 5K sounds like a great goal for you right now. i'm getting back on my exercise regimen tonight