Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How This All Got Started

So, I know most of you who know me think I am sitting home being a bored housewife who watches too much 24 and one day just decided to start blogging. I also know there are certain masses of you who are giving me the naughty finger (no, not the bird..the shame on you finger) for posting my life's daily activities on this blog for just any ole person to see. Well, perhaps you are all right. However, I must inform you that I've fallen subject to peer pressure (which is a subject I hope to address in yet another post today). You see, while I was a young, irresponsible grad student at UTK, I struggled to find friends whom I really liked. Most of them were way too into chemistry for me, most of them were single and all they did was go out at 2 a.m. and get plastered, or most of them were in a group with many English speaking friends. I was in a research group with several Chinese and several Indians and a few English natives (by natives I mean those who were somewhat local to the United States). Don't get me wrong, I fondly look back on my foreign friends. I have long been known to be intrigued by people from other continents and often make better friends with them than I do Americans. It's funny...I like to think that I am a minimalist and that I am VERY earth friendly. And to some extent I am, but then again, I'm not. I believe in saving the planet, and I believe in leaving no mark, but at the same time, I LOVE (you hear me LOVE), LOVE, LOVE my froo-froo VNFNWEH Mocha from Starschmucks! LOVE IT! And for those of you who don't join the mass of yuppies...venti non-fat no whip extra hot mocha. And I love my cell phone, in fact, I drive and talk on my cell phone, I walk my dog and talk on my cell phone, I am always doing something other than just sitting there talking when I am on my cell phone. Heck, it's easier to have a conversation on a cell phone because you can multi task than to just sit there in person and have to be still while talking to someone. I agree, that your hands should be free...and given my history with cell phones and toilets...I need a hands free device, but I've yet to own a phone that uses that technology. Why, you say, because I am too cheap to buy a new phone and somehow I ended up not getting a new one for 2 years and the last one....well, this is too another post. So, let's see where was I? Oh, yes, and I have recently admitted that I have a shopping habit. Yet another post. But I guess that's bad because most of it is made in China...why is this bad? Well, it's cheap, made with cheap poor working conditions for humanity, and it's imported (costs CO2 to import it here), and it's driving labor out of our country...and I could go on and on....but I can't find anything made in our country anymore and if I do, it costs more than the average American makes...did I mention I'm unemployed...ok, how did I get on this you know where my title of my blog page came from.

Anyhoo, along comes this new grad student from MSU to UTK. I was like, give me a break. Then I got to know her, and I'll forgive her for attending MSU (should've been Ole Miss at least if you're going to stay in the state OR you should have been a meteorologist then you could live closer to me and we could chase hurricanes together) ...and like Dr. Wifery says, we hit it off. It started out with we got along cause we were both from MS, something very uncommon at UT at least in the Chem Dept was to be from the South, let alone from MS. And then I helped her move, and then I started cat sitting, and then we started hanging out more, and then she took me in while I was a homeless UT Graduate Student with no job and no money trying desperately to finish my research and get the hell out of Knoxville (which I miss SOOOOOOO much). She was kind enough to help with my wedding, and all kinds of stuff. So, I left K-vegas (as I often call it) and left her behind. Whilst she was writing her dissertation, she found a creative way to procrastinate...hey, there are some people out there who can write, diligently and timely, but there are more realistic people like me and Dr. Wifey who choose to procrastinate and put it off and do other things. For instance, when I was writing my defense, my dog was one of the smartest, fittest dogs on the planet, and I had floors you could eat off of (all whilst puppy training)...let's just say when they say it takes months to write a dissertation, you can do it in a month. And behold, Dr. Wifey sends me this email on day saying I started a blog. Mind you, we used to sit around and cackle over things. So, I go to it, and sure enough within minutes, I'm rolling in the floor; tears are streaming down my eyes. I told this colleague at work about it and made her read it one day at lunch and she got a kick out of it. Now, I go to her blog for laughs. So, earlier this week, I was reading an article about creative ways to make money, and can't remember where blogs fit in, I just remembered that Dr. Wifey enjoyed hers, and I love to keep a journal, always wanted to publish it one day but knew no publisher would ever want to publish me. So, I'm not getting rich off of it, but Dr. Wifey has sucked me in and pressured me to post my blog. I know, I know, terror cells can read this, I will never be president after this, and I will never get another job, but it's nice to know that I can say what's on my mind and move on to more ramblings. Plus, maybe I'll affect someone. Maybe one day I'll be talking about smoking and someone I know and love who smokes will give it up. Maybe one day I'll talk about being green in your yard, and someone else I know will start composting. Maybe one day I'll talk about eating some humble pie (which I did today) and all those arrogant buttholes out there will have a slice. So, Dr. Wifey, here's to you. Yes, it's somewhat addictive, and I'm slow to decide to learn all the bling blings but I'll soon know them. And now that I do this, I find myself reading other people's diaries, and they are insightful. I'm not the only person out there with a mind full of stuff.


Dr. Wifey said...

first of all, how did i ever forget that you helped me move mere months after you had neck surgery?? (probably because i have moved so many times)

secondly, i cannot believe you even wrote the words OLE MISS in your blog! (i forgive you)

we have a great story, don't we? ok, so i'm going to recycle some stuff in my compost bin now
luv ya!

Brando said...

did you forget that i helped you move? for some reason, that event sticks out in my head because we either were going to or did (can't remember) drop your mattress over the railing down to will on the ground...and i remember your grandma was there

we do have a pretty good story, should we talk about our israeli friend who ditched us?

i hope you recycle some stuff, i'm still procrastinating building a compost bin...shame on me!!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

WTH is wrong with Ole Miss.. hey now don't pick on my school..hmmmm at least Brad Pitt live across the street, and I would give him the good ole miss hand well

Sorry about that.. j/k

I do hot stinks but hey it works

Dr. Wifey said...

ole miss SUCKS! hahaha
brad pitt lived across the street from you? what? details please