Monday, September 1, 2008

Day #1

Today is September 1. What a great day to start any new routine on. It's Monday, it's the 1st. The only downside to this is it's a holiday and my day will be filled with a BBQ and beer, or liquor most likely. But like a good little school girl, I got up and did my homework first thing.

I am training for a 5K run. It is October 18. Yes, I was fit enough a few months ago to do one, but wouldn't subscribe to one. So, out neighborhood is hosting one to benefit kids and St. Jude. My DH told me he'd run with me if I'd run it non-stop (I have this habit of breaking after one mile for a minute or so). So, I agreed.

Last night, I GOOGLED training schedules for 5K's. I found one that takes 9 weeks, you train 3 times a week. I don't quite have 9 weeks. I have 7, but I'll try and train every other day and see how my training goes. Worst case scenario, I only run 2.5 miles before stopping...but I'm a determined puppy, so I figure if I see that I only have a 1/2 mile left, I'll suck it up.

I am also studying for the GMAT, which I am tentatively taking Sept 20. That gives me about 18 days to study, not really a long time, if you saw my assessment test. I am praying that the fact that I have a master's degree will jar my brain into functioning at the level that got me to my master's degree and I will score the minimum needed score.

Also, I am trying to lose some weight. So, I weighed this morning after running and sweating and drinking 20 oz of water, which is not when WeightWatchers (yes, I used to do that, and I lost 12 pounds and quit...unfortunately) tells you to weigh. So, here are the stats:

Weight: 148
Height: 5'6"
Inches in areas: don't know yet, haven't measured
Training for today: Run 60 s, walk 90 s, do this for a total of 20 minutes; I ran 10 times. Puppy Chance ran with me, he is now sleeping and let me study.
Breakfast: Banana, 3 bites of a peach (was rotten, yick), cup of Activa Light Vanilla Yogurt, cup of coffee, yes with sugar and cream, hey, some things I refuse to give up.
Vitamin, Lipo 6--meds

We have friends coming over for lunch, grilled hamburgers, and beer. So, since it is Labor Day, I won't beat myself up too bad about eating or studying. But after today, it's hard nosed.

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hahaha i found your other secret blog!