Friday, September 5, 2008

Day #3

Chance and I struck the pavement at 6:30 this morning. I am not afraid of the wilderness, nor the dark. And I have ritually gotten up before most people are entering REM sleep for many, many years now. That makes me sound old. Let's just say, as a child, I never slept late, and it followed me into adulthood. I love sunrises. I also like my personal safety. We live in what I consider a safe neighborhood, complete with brick and concrete walls. It borders the interstate in places, and funny, the nice concrete walls don't go all the way along the interstate area. You'd think, in a CDD, where they like being isolated from the world, they'd make sure the interstate was completely blocked out, at least for the poor souls that live on that side and have to deal with the constant roar of traffic. Anyhow, I used to strike out before daylight at FTB. I never worried, I guess because I was on a military reservation and I had to fear wild pigs (yes, saw one once, very large, and very hairy) more than I had to fear idiots wanting to inflict trauma and harm to an individual enjoying life. So, I'm learning that even though I like eastern time, it's tricky because daylight comes later (and even later depending on where you are). There are also no lights on the back side next to the interstate in the "woods" where we run...good, I am after all, from the country and think lighted walkways are somewhat overrated. But then again, there's some good to them. Personally, if I was a criminal, I wouldn't want to hop the wire fence and wade through swamplike areas of who knows what kind of snakes and alligators are in them to torture some young lady at 5 am, but I am not a criminal and I guess I don't understand what drives them. That said, I am being forced to learn to sleep late and go run later. What sucks about that? Well, I miss my cup of coffee at 6 am as the first hint of light enters the sky and I'm not on the back porch pondering anything earth shattering. Instead, I'm out sweating, not that that's bad, I'd just rather have it over with by that time, and so had my stomach. One thing is for sure, my tummy wants to intake food by 6:30, hard to do when you run at that time.

So, for the training. We are on day #3. End of week 1. According to the schedule, 8 weeks to go, but since I only have 6 weeks, we are starting week 2/day #4 Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. chance has gotten used to this level of activity. Now, time to ramp it up. And find a longer route.

One thing I keep forgetting to mention: the real results won't be noticeable for another 3 weeks, and I don't start weight training til Monday. I know, I said Thursday, but the ole back still hurts a little...the worst part of exercise goals, is you get ancy, you don't want to wait for results. You want instant ones. So, guess that's why I'll have to keep busy til then. Sure feels good to run again and to have a goal while doing it this time. I think that's why I've always found it easy to quit. I've never had a goal, yeah, get in shape, and lose inches, but no real tangible, endpoint on a timeline. Now I have one. Should be interesting.

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