Thursday, September 4, 2008


I love puzzles. I used to put them together all the time, and then I just stopped. I also like to use them as wall art. Hey, you work that hard, what are you going to do with it when you're done, put it back in the box?

I bought 2 puzzles two years ago with intentions to use them as wall art in my kitchen or dining room. They are so me, country shabby chic gardening scenes: a potting room and a canning bench complete with the summer harvest in both. Never put either one of them together til now. Monday evening, in a drunken state, I drug out one of the puzzles and put together the border. That's always a first. Tuesday, I put together the birdhouses, and part of the window box and sorted all the pieces into color categories.

Not a whole lot of time invested so far, and while it's something to do to keep me from studying...
let me digress. I went to a focus group at USF's Business School (to which I am applying for admission to the MBA program) yesterday. It was nice, got a free lunch and a $15 Target card and made 2 new networking contacts. I also learned that those who attended the MBA info sessions (I did not) found out they had to note WHEN they were going to take the GMAT but did not have to take it by Oct. 15. YIPPEE!!! I'm sure without saying you already know what this means for me...more PROCRASTINATING STUDYING!!! Back to finishing the puzzle, afterall, it's not like I have a job or a test to take, right?

This morning, over coffee, I guess I got in a groove, and 3 hours later the puzzle is complete. Should I start the next one or wait a day or two? I guess I'll wait til I get this one framed. Part of the reason I finished it, was because while they are fun, I am OCD, and CANNOT stand to have something lying out on the table undone. It had to be finished and put away. ARGHH!! Me and my habits. I can't win.


Dr. Wifey said...

so, are those the jumbo 50-piece puzzles? haha the focus group thing sounds lunch, Target card, what more could you ask for? oh, you should look up Dr. Zhang while you are at USF, isn't that where he is now?

Brando said...

Yeah, he's at USF. You think I should look him up? I was always under the impression that he didn't care for me much. I thought about letting him know I was in the area....I also thought about trying to be a GTA while in business school. I wonder if they'd let me do that. It's be pay, a very lax schedule and I could take more classes. I guess I should at least look into it. WHo knows? Wouldn't that be cool, to be a full-time grad student one last time?

and, no, it was only 750 pieces, not hard.

Dr. Wifey said...

i think that's a great idea! you really should talk to him about it. he probably likes you