Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day #4

I should really be calling these posts training #4, instead of day. Oh well, maybe next time. So, this morning, I really wanted to sleep late and not get up, but my body was like, "look, slacker, you're getting up" at 6 am. So, I got up. Chance and I hit the pavement at 6:15. We started earlier than usual and good thing, cause it is (and was then) much hotter and humid than the past few days. UGHH. Talk about challenging to breath. We are beginning week 2 today. And we had to ramp up the time we run, and ramped down (training schedule does not say to but we do) the rest time. Felt good. By the end my legs were jello. Chance, nada...he was back home and rip, roarin', and rompin' all over the house, dragging out dirty clothes, all his toys, shoes, mulch from outside, our sheets, anything he could fit in his mouth and move. Then I put him in the bed to get DH up and he laid down to sleep. Hmmph.

Scale day tomorrow and first weights day! Big expectations!

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