Saturday, September 13, 2008

Training Day #7

It's Saturday. Most people look forward to sleeping in on Saturday. I know when I was living in FTB, I did. And by sleeping in, I meant waking up around 7:30, taking Charlie out for a stroll around post when the only people who were awake were those poor souls sentenced to Saturday PT. We loved it, he got to roam off leash, and I got the peace and solace of not hearing the parade of cars pouring onto post, or running into that dreadful man who chastised me for not having Charlie on a leash, and I got to walk in daylight, the first daylight. It was refreshing and motivating.

With no FTB to walk around, and no Charlie to frolic about with me, and no Hallster to laugh with, or Diesel to squeal and cover me with kisses when he sees me from a quarter mile away, I don't find walking that much fun anymore.

And being unemployed, I don't care that it's Saturday. Just another day to me for now. Chance let me sleep til 6:30, or more like I let him sleep. I had been wide awake since 5. But I've already been through the why I don't get up in the morning dark story. So, I lay in bed, on my back, arms propped up til 6:30, then I heard paws stretching against the crate. So, I got up. Lying in bed is a double edged sword. It can be nice, and it can be a force of dread for me. This morning it was a force of dread. I dreaded running today. Yes, I started week 3 of training today. And I don't know why cause I always feel good afterwards, but I dreaded it. I even contemplated putting it off til the evening--but I knew full well that I'd not run today, and throw off my whole schedule of running if I didn't get up and go this morning. So, out the door we went. My breathing after the first 90 seconds sucked, and today we were to begin running 3 minute intervals. Yeah, right, I thought. Then I remembered all those times I'd run with Hallster, and how engaging in conversation could make the time go by faster. Let's say I didn't talk to any birds, but I made it just fine.

I do need some breathing training. Yes, I know, in through the nose, slowly exhale through the mouth or nose, lips pursed, and breathe through your diaphragm. But, when you have hereditary reduced lung capacity, how exactly do you overcome that and learn to breathe normally? Perhaps, this training will help me...

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