Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Looming

You can tell I'm not a native to FL. One, if you talk to me, you definitely know I am not from Florida. I am very proud of my southern accent. Yes, it's true, I talk a little more Southern each and every time I go back home, and my accent changes somewhat when I'm around people with other accents. But, no matter how much I change my accent, you can always tell I'm Southern. And I'm thrilled about that. People talk to me and say, where are you from? They never guess MS, but they know it's not Flor-i-da. Probably cause I say Flarduh. I live in the great state of Flarduh.

Also, on days when the winds and rain from an offshore hurricane are looming over us, I find it a great day to work in the yard. I hurt my neck pulling on those palm roots and bushes Monday. So, I confined myself to the recliner yesterday. Hard to believe once I was there that I did that for almost two months. What a waste.

Today, I felt better, and the grass needed cutting. After all, I live in a sidewalk neighborhood where the lawns look like they've been cut with toenail clippers and people walk their poodles with a glass of wine in hand. (Taken straight from my hair dresser) Not us, we've got dead patches of grass, an old truck parked in the drive, mold growing on the soffits, and I would rather carry a flask of Bacardi to walk my big golden retriever puppy. (Thanks for the idea Hallster)

I also ripped up the mondo grass surrounding the outermost border of the flower beds. WOW! Did it ever look better. I'm itching to get a hold of those bushes. But I must wait on the pink flagging tape Dad is bringing me next week so I can flag the sprinklers. DH all but threatened my life if I tore up the sprinkler system. I don't think he was so concerned about me tearing it up, just what fancy and green alternative (which = expensive) I would (and most likely will) come up with to replace it. Did you know that sprinklers are a waste of water? Drip irrigation is more efficient. Large turfs of grass is a waste and environmental no-no. Landscaped areas of native plants are better.

Watch out toenail trimmed wine toting neighbors, I'm about to have little pink ribbons all over my yard, and by the time we leave Flarduh, our yard will be the prettiest (and probably with a lot less grass than it has now). It won't be the prettiest because I'm worried about what my neighbors will be because I leave a horticultural mark on every home I've ever lived in. Even my apartment in Knoxvegas had some flowers growing amidst the bushes before I left.

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Kelly said...

dh? brian? just read something about drip irrigation, but will it reduce your water usage? i understand the evaporation thing, but i'd still like to know if they have the numbers to back it up.