Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day #2

Ok, so I'm a day late logging in, kill me. I did get up and go run yesterday. Funny, the first day wiped my puppy out and gave me the energy go go all day.

Yesterday, day #2, or training session #2, was much better for puppy. HE was rather active yesterday and last night, he was a riot. I, on the other hand, breathed better and was tempted to skip workout #3 tomorrow and go straight to #4, but I'm not going to jump ahead, I have a tendency to have that backfire on me later. I wasn't as fatigued, and my legs didn't hurt. Hey, I'm not running that far after all. Yesterday, I had a lot of errands to run and a focus group to attend. That sort of got tiring. But training schedule in check.

Since I sneezed wrong Tuesday morning and that catch in my back seized up my lower back muscles, I decided to postpone weighlifting until next week. But it IS still on the radar.

On target. I guess I will get a sweat session today, we have to mow the yard, and that's about a gallon of sweat in a hour.

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