Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dental Check-up

Most people hate going to the dentist. I never have minded it. The past 3 years, my dentist used a fluoride rinse on me, and it usually made me sick to my stomach, but aside from that, my trips are never that bad. I don't get cavities. I've had like 2 in my whole life. I just get plaque does my Dad...another great thing I inherited (feel the sarcasm...sorry dad). And I'm not a ritual flosser, so my gums bleed sometimes. But I never get cavities!!! You hear me. Just plaque. And I go every 6 months. I even go the extra mile to remind myself to find a new one when we move. No forcing me to go.

Today, as I am sure you have figured out, I went to the dentist. I chose the one in the Lake St Charles shopping complex in front of my neighborhood. Figured I may as well use the convenience. Ok, big mistake!

The dental office was very unusual. Tastefully decorated. Not something I've experienced in a dentist office. Every room was decorated in greenery and antiques or old shabby chic. I loved it. Wow! I thought. This is going to be a great dentist. I asked the assistants who decorated it, they told me the dentist did. Ok, it's a male. And while that's fine, I have never known too many men to be decorators. So, I was struck a little off.

First, they started promoting the whitening. Ok, I came in for a cleaning, and yes, I need to have my teeth whitened. But the last thing I want from a dentist is a salesman. Look out for my health. I'll ask you about the whitening if I want is COSMETIC you know, not necessary!!!

So, then they take some of the oddest places I've ever seen. Yes, they were all of my mouth, but I've never had them shoot the backs of my front teeth. I blow it off, in the back of my mind, I feel that I am getting a good dentist.

Dentist comes in right away and makes small talk, where am I from, etc. Oh, he's wearing a very trendy shirt and tie, very trendy, too trendy to dig around in someone's mouth all day, but still, I am open-minded.

I told him I'm originally from NE MS. Ok, get a friggin map, dude!!! He keeps asking me if we got flooding this summer "down there", if we get a lot of crawfish, if we see all the boats come off the MS River. Ok, I said I was from NE MS like 5 times, and pointed out that it was the corner of TN, MS, and AL. But he never got that.

So, while he's poking on my teeth, he proceeds to tell me I have 5 cavities! Only he tells the assistant in dental code. I quickly asked him what that meant, and he said cavities.

Me: 5, are you sure, because I never get cavities, and I can believe that one, wight eara, but, not the other ones. (with my hand in my mouth pointing and talking so use your imagination as to how it sounded).

Dentist: Yes, did you not feel the pic:?

Me: no, only slightly on one.

Dentist: I can fill them today.

He writes something, hands me a sheet of paper and asks me to sign it. It's the estimate. Ok, I'm not at an auto shop. Don't most dentists have so much business they have you come in later to get your fillings filled. On his "estimate" he has prices for 5 fillings, a cleaning, and a whitening treatment. All complete with the insurance prices and my part. Ok, most dentists I know don't even know this shit, they have their receptionist person/insurance person do that. What the F^&*?

I told him to just clean my teeth, and he's tells me I can't get this price hardly anywhere else. I say, just clean my teeth. I'll reschedule (with someone else). So, he doesn't even scrape my teeth, something every dentist I have ever been to has done because of my plaque problem. Them he polished them, then he flosses them, if you want to call it that. I don't floss regularly, but I do a much better job. He acts like he's got a plane to catch, or maybe he wants those cavities to multiply. And that's it. No rinse, not even with water, I have to ask for it.

I'm peed. I ask him about the whitening (being a chemist pays). He does not know I am a chemist. He tells me in a very kindergarten explanation how it works. DUH! So, I ask what is the oxidizing agent. He says it's what whitens my teeth. I tell him I am aware that that is what whitening is (oxidizing the yellow organics out of the pores). I ask him what the chemical is. He says peroxide. I say what strength. His face was proof of the pudding. He was stupified. He said, "you know, I'll have to look." I ask is it 30%, or stronger. He says that 30% is strong. I told him you can buy that in stores. And he says that the manufacturers don't even tell him the strength. Ok, my fellow chemists. You must maintain MSDSs for chemicals in your business. We all know this. The MSDS has that information on it. I told him that, told him I was a chemist, and that I would be seeking a 2nd opinion and left.

My teeth feel cleaner, but I feel dirty. And I feel (and I can't believe I'm saying this cause I hate insurance companies) sorry for my insurance company, cause someone is taking them for granted. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB.


Dr. Wifey said...

there was a time when i had really good teeth and did not mind going to the dentist. then i had to get a root canal and a crown - that changed my outlook. sorry you found a salesman for a dentist!

Brando said...

well, we live and learn. guess i'll go dentist shopping again in 6 months. how's vinnie?

Dr. Wifey said...

vincent is great, he was showing out last night! vet said maybe it was stress (because I am stressed) or a little virus. i feel comfortable to leave him for the weekend.

have a good one! oh, sorry i missed your call. i will give you a call later on

Melissa said...

Yea I would seriously find someone else. I mean, a dentist trying to sell you something that he doesn't know all the facts about or willing to go and find it out ASAP! hopefully you will find someone new who isn't a sketch ball!