Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting There

Chance and I rose late today. I was one of the idiots watching last night's pathetic debate. I'm sorry but he said, she said is not debate. These candidates need to go back to college and learn the rules of engagement. Least I remember the formalities.

Today, we completed training # 17 of 27. We are 63% of the way. I am working on eating habits, rather than weights. I have decided to postpone weights until I complete the 9 week training program. No, I am not going to stop running, but I feel that that is a goal that needs to be accomplished first before I add a new one. Plus, I need to learn to manage working, and running, before juggling some more stuff in.

I read a blog from one of Wifey's friend bloggers...about eating disorders and compulsive eating. I do that, I eat for no reason, and my mission this month, since Flylady says it takes a month to learn a new habit is to eat better. Not off to a good start. Since DH is away, I've dined on rotel and chips and red-beans and rice, two of my favorites that he will not eat. But I'm diving into apples and veggies for supper and going to keep trying. My return to vitamins and natural energy sources like caffeine (I know, it's not natural but I need it...I don't drink cokes, but I crave caffeine) is helping. So is being sick every time I eat food re-heated in the microwave. DH says to go to the dr, but maybe it's good for me. maybe there's an underlying condition, like stop eating microwaved food! We'll see. No dr.'s though, they don't usually have your best interest, unless you wave money at them.

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Dr. Wifey said...

hmmm, i did not know that you got sick with microwaved foods...that is strange. i too have a problem with compulsive eating, trying to combat it though