Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I took almost all of my practice tests today...need a miracle at this point. Stats follow:

Critical Reasoning: 5/15
Reading Comprehension: 10/15
Sentence Correction: 12/15
Problem Solving: 12/15

Left to determine:

Data Sufficiency (tomorrow)

Practice test #2

I did manage to make my study notes for math. Apparently, I need some critical reasoning notes too...or maybe just sleep.

Did good. Bought a TB baseball cap...already have a Navy and Sky Blue warm-up suit that I decided I'd wear to the game. Hey, already spent $650 on this game, I'm not buying a Rays outfit.


Dr. Wifey said...

miracles happen! j/k
you'll do fine...don't stress too much

might as well buy yourself a rays outfit; what's another $100 compared to $650? LOL

Brando said...

no kidding, well, I just took the data sufficiency....think I'll edit my post or add to it...oh, since you're a shopaholic...this is on the d.l. linens n things is going out of business...good buys. id rather buy chance a rays outfit. halloween is coming up you know.