Monday, October 13, 2008

Juggling Time

I've been whining about studying for the GMAT for what, months now? I still haven't studied. The thought of it sends me in the opposite direction. I started looking for classes to take to help me prepare, and they are already in session. And I started the new job, meaning that when I get home in the evening, after running or walking the dog, catching up on emails, laundry, and household chores, and cooking supper, I am spent and have no energy left to study. What I need is a course in time management...back to the type I had in high school when I could do everything on my weekly to-do list in one day.

Last week was my first week of work. The locality so that I can come home for lunch is great. Work is sort of boring because I haven't been trained on the instruments yet. But I did learn 3 new softwares. I think I need to keep a list of all the softwares I am fluent with.

I still like FL, I mean hey, it's mid-October, and I'm still sweating when merely walking the dog first thing in the morning. I thought we were due for a cool spell this week, and just checked the weather and the highs are in the 90s.

What sucks about this move: I don't have enough vacation time on the new job to go home for Christmas (and possibly Thanksgiving).... We are in fact 12 hours from home, and flying is so out of the way, it's not really an option. Both DH and I took a paycut to move here. The cost of living is about 2x what it is elsewhere. My friends are all somewhere else.

What's nice: I just discovered some nice beaches, good shopping, and am taking Chance to a beach for dogs next weekend. And we are starting to find some good restaurants. DH is home a lot more.

I need something to turn my attitude around. A new purse would be nice, or a planner that fits me, or this guy to come out and give the fencing estimate so I can prepare myself for my new enclosed yard.


Dr. Wifey said...

studying, bleh!

good luck with the echem at work, let me know if i can help - enjoy the downtime while you have it (even if it is boring)

not sure if we are going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas either. i am on call the saturdays after both -ugh!

Dr. Wifey said...

oh, and go buy yourself that purse!

Brando said...

i have made up my mind to buy the purse...but feel like i'm still being conservative, a store at the mall has a pair of shoes on order for my big deranged treeclimbers (what my SIL's sister calls my feet), so when he calls and tells me they are in, i'm going to swap the pair i have that kill my feet and i'm buying the purse! at least by waiting i will know whether or not i really want it, and earn some more interest on my balance in checking before blowing a $100 on a purse. i know, pitiful. but it's a fossil, and i am still wearing a belt from there that i bought 7 years ago

and dont' worry, i enjoy every moment of boredom, too bad i can't blog during the boredom

Dr. Wifey said...

you've been tagged! check it out at my blog