Tuesday, October 21, 2008



So, I decided what the hell...I vacuumed the floors and mopped, Step MIL (don't even like referring to her as that, that means we acknowledge her as a Step) is coming with FIL to watch the World Series game. And then Brian's friends (Charlie's human breeders...would that make them god-grandparents...since my parents were his grandparents?) are coming on Thursday night....decided that I didn't want my first impression of my house to be chewed up sticks in the floor and Chance's vomit pile from eating his rubber ball last night...I tried to tell him. .....so I ran the vacuum and steam mopped the floors. This sounds like a lot of work, but I have a Dyson Animal, and it takes like 15 minutes to do all 2200 sqft and then like another 15 to push around the steam mop whilst it does magic...no chemicals needed. I'm so green i love it. And since I didn't take Chancey for a walk this evening. DH was kind enough to go for a long run and drag the dog with him...don't think the dog wanted to go and he's been passed out every since, guess he's not recouped from eating the rubber ball last night.

And to reward my puppy for eating a rubber ball and throwing it up this morning at 4:15 and waking me in a panic (since Charlie died ultimately from what started as a casual vomit, I now freak anytime a dog does so), I've been up every since.

And I am feeling like it's Friday and it's only Tuesday...I'm an old person. When I work (which is usually always except when I am fortunate enough to have the Army displace me from my comfortable homey surroundings or when my company goes belly up and lays me off), I get up early and go to bed late all week, and by Friday I crash at like 8:30 when most people are just starting to celebrate the weekend with large amounts of beer and little sleep. Then I use the rest of the weekend to veg and catch up on my week's missed TV shows and sleep. Well, this week, I have a game, twice the company load of normal...twice isn't even justice. My house normally consists of me, Chance, and DH. Tomorrow, it will boast an additional two people, and one whom makes me uncomfortable to be around.

Then, on Thursday, add to the above, a very sleep deprived me from being out too late at the game the night before and still rising for walking the dog before a WHOLE DAY OF WORK and coming home to DH who's off, and FIL and STEP MIL. Then enter Friend, Shane, wife, and little girl, oh, and the dog they are bringing for us to babysit (I did not sign up for this, and do not mind but keep in mind I am freaking about my test...and you see why).

Mind you, I still have to work all week, cram some more, and sleep...not possible, entertain these people, cause God forbid if I act like DH when I have company and hide, they'll all think I'm a horrid B#*&^. And they'll act all weird around me, and DH will be upset but will bottle it up like everything else. So, I have to play hostess, worker, cook, maid, dogwalker, student, and happy person. Oh, and I have PMS and have been sick with either a hole in my stomach, h. pylorii, or colon polyps for 4 weeks now.

DH leaves for work trip on Sunday. Can't wait, I will miss him badly, but that means all company will be gone, I can sleep and rest and reclaim my house...cause I feel that it's wrecked now and really will be once the whirlwind of people is gone.

Should be fun though. I enjoy company, just why does it always fall that Murphy picks the most inopportune times to invite himself and guests to my home?

Oh, I almost forgot the topic of my post. So, I sucked it up and took my last single practice section...Data Sufficiency. I breezed through the questions, deciding that they were rather easy. Then I got my score. I missed 7 out of 15!!!!!!! GMAT, you're kicking my ass and it's only spring training.

Well, I intend to take Practice Test #2 Thursday and kick ass...I at least hope my score goes up by 40 points. That way, I can sleep on Friday and prepare to do well on Saturday...even if it means going to stay in a hotel. Oh, BTW, anyone want to come visit...I got a cot I can pull out and a blow up mattress...


Dr. Wifey said...

yikes! sorry about all the company..that sucks. they should realize that you have a very important test and you need to study. so what if they think you are a b*tch!

i'll be visiting when that Ikea store opens!

Brando said...

k, come on down. we'll camp out so we can be the first customers. i feel like a sombie today and the "festivities" are yet to begin...

Dr. Wifey said...

where ya at?